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VMAX E-Scooter.
Faster. Together.
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VMAX R95 La Kritz Pro

Whoa, is that art or does it roll away? Hurry up, because this e-scooter innovation is a real it-piece. This world first with its undeniable beauty takes scooter design to the next level. With independent brakes, 20 km/h speed and easy stowage, La Kritz is quickly becoming the favourite accessory for all hipsters, hippies and hops!

VMAX R93 Carvee Bee Performance

Carvee Bee now performs with even more power on the big stages of the world. The new E-Scooter from VMAX with Swiss road approval offers a super comfortable ride with the large 10 inch tires and brings you with the replaceable 10 Ah battery over even more distances to your destination! Feel like a celebrity, 1,2,3 and go!

VMAX R93 Carvee Bee Pro

Be careful! The VMAX celebrity family has a new superstar on the starting line. On the Carvee Bee you are guaranteed to put on the coolest show! You have the choice: dangerously hot curves, fast skills or just comfortable tours through your Hood. Get on the number 1 You have the choice: dangerously hot curves, fast skills or just comfortable tours through your Hood. Get on the number 1

VMAX R90 Wheely Wonka Pro

Welcome to the crazy e-scooter factory! This liquorice-colored gem is your golden ticket to the joy of driving! With wheels like giant chocolate donuts, a perfect design and two independent brakes, it goes off like a gummi bear. Get ready for your bubble bath in the crowd and let our Wheely turn your head!

VMAX R55 Ussain Rolled

No Usain, no gain! The fastest e-scooter in the VMAX family shoots you from A to B to C to D with a top speed of 55 km/h. But if you think that’s uncomfortable, you didn’t expect its awesome full suspension, big wheels and faithful disc brakes. And he also has a nice stand. The Full Package!

VMAX R40 Raserati

Look out! The Raserati races past every passer-by with its strong 40 km/h maximum speed and is equipped with disc brakes even for difficult braking manoeuvres. At the same time it has a power of 1000 W and is therefore one of the most powerful of our e-scooters.

VMAX R25 Wheel. I. Am. Performance

They see me rollin’! With this urban scooter, you don’t have to wait for the road approval: it’s already there. And you are simply street art with this part under your fins! With the wide footboard and the aluminium frame it is not only stylish, but also a robust, faithful and powerful bro in all situations. And if you can bring yourself to interrupt the fun of riding, just fold it up and throw it over your shoulder. Casual!

VMAX T35 Salvador Pedali V2

The eccentric among e-scooters gives you a free choice: do you want to pedal, use the throttle or both? Whatever you decide: Senor Pedali is road legal! At 25 km/h, small distances are mastered in no time at all – even in the dark, as the good piece has front and rear lights. And if you should ever have enough for a while, the disc brakes will bring you reliably to a halt and fold it up quickly. Art on two big wheels!

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